A downloadable game for Windows

Produced in 3 days for a game jam.

As darkness drowns the world, few dare oppose it, fewer still bear the strength to withstand it. After reports of mirklings meddling in the marchlands, the Aldermen of Glimrike order the local holy men to bannish the blight. In a last gasp of hope, the witch Berthilda is sent to a small island off the shores to the south. With the only bridge collapsed long ago, the shadow has since begun to fester there. She climbs onto a rickety raft, her holy wand in one hand, a small sword in the other, and she sets off to face the dim. 

Guide the witch Berthilda across the shores of the blighted island. Channel her spirit to bring light to the mirklings, and slay them one by one, casting them into holy flames. Untold nightmares shall run loose across the marchlands should she fall to the darkness.


Night – The world is covered in darkness.

Eerie – What creepy figures lurk in the shadows?

Ambient Piano – background music

Vibrant – The witch's wand pulses with luminescence to shine the way.

Code: rdb

Graphics: sennoma

All sound files grabbed from OpenGameArt

Third-party music used.

Font from FontSquirrel

Authorssennoma, rdb
TagsDark Fantasy, Horror, panda3d, Voxel
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

To run the game, extract the .zip file and double-click run_game.exe.

If there are any errors, please send the log file, which is located at C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\glimmer.log


glimmer-win64.zip 51 MB

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